Here’s How to Get Your Hands on Overwatch’s Competitive Mode


In less than a month, Overwatch has surged to a player base of more than 10 million people. However, the current version of Blizzard’s smash-hit shooter has one less feature now than it did during beta testing earlier this year. After feedback from players, Overwatch’s developers decided to hold back its competitive mode so that they could tweak and improve on the game mode.

Now Blizzard is ready show off its revamped competitive mode to the public, and if you want, you can test it out before it goes live sometime in the next few weeks. By default, you play Overwatch in quick-play mode, which gives you the freedom to play however you want. Competitive mode will be more about seeing you stack up against other serious Overwatch players, the game’s developers said in a YouTube video outlining the changes.

To try out the competitive mode, you’ll need to login to Overwatch’s Public Test Region (PTR), which is also where you’ll often be able to try out upcoming patches before they’re released to the world. Here’s what you need to do. (Note: Sorry, console folks, the PTR is only available on PC.)

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1. Login to the desktop app.

2. Click the Overwatch icon on the left side of the app.

3. Click the drop down menu underneath where it says Region/Account.

4. Select “PTR: Overwatch”

5. Click “Install” and wait while the PTR files are downloaded onto your computer. (You will need at least 6.5GB of free space on your drive.)

6. When it’s done, hit Play!

Now you can preview upcoming changes to Overwatch before they hit the live servers. And don’t forget to check back and update the PTR the next time Blizzard announces a new patch.

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