Corn-Shucking Trick


Fresh corn on the cob beats canned corn any day—it’s time to get shucking! But who wants to bother, especially if it’s for one small weekday serving. Here’s an easy way to do it…

Microwave an ear of corn, with the leaves and silk still on, for three to four minutes. It will be hot, so use gloves or a potholder when you remove the corn from the microwave. Cut off about an inch from the stem end. Next, hold on to the silk and top leaves, and shake out the corn. It should come out easily and completely clean. If it doesn’t, help it along by squeezing the top and forcing it out. Even if you have to help the corn along, when you remove it from the husk, it will be free of silk.

Your just-nuked, silk-free ear of corn is ready to eat. Aw, shucks…that was easy!

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