Ways to choose a comparatively honest fuel station


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Ways to choose a comparatively honest fuel station

Snapshot: So tired of doing everything you can to save fuel? and still unsure about the quality and quantity of the fuel you are getting? Read on to know how can go for a comparatively honest fuel station.

Posted on 30 March 2016, 11:23, by

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There is no escape from the fact that fuel charges are one of the most significant burden a middle class man carries on the back, a pain which is swallowed without making a noise about it. In our last article, we tried to explain how you can stay attentive at the fuelling stations and few of the major ways in which these stations are fooling on us. This article revolves around the same core but it’s the last resort that comes after when you’ve tried all possible ways not to get fooled and still are unsure about the place where you usually go for filling.


Try to choose the closest fuel station near to the area your number plate is registered to

The reason being that fuel station assistant sometimes monitors where the car is registered to and is the vehicle from a local place or traveling on a long route. And this is the reason why highway fuel stations will probably cheat you more often than the ones within the city premises.


Always go for those fuel stations which are comparatively less crowded than others –

It is because the more occupied a place is, more distracted you will be and fuel station attendants will get more chances of bluffing with you. And in case if you live in an area where pumps are always flocked up than instead of day times go at night and you will find the stations completely empty.


Stay alert some fuel pumps have incorrect prices too –

there are some fuel stations who fool the customers at face by setting the incorrect price of the fuel. In fact this situation is so common we are sure even you might have seen the same at some point of your life. And when asked about why they do not have the correct price of the fuel they will always end with the answer that their machine is not working properly. And in case you find the same don’t ever hesitate to record a video for evidence and report to the authorities about the bluff.


Try going for a company owned fuel station instead of franchised ones –

And there are two benefits you will dig out of it – first being the cheaper price of fuel and second being that these fuel pumps are naturally considered to be honest compared to the franchised ones. And in case if you are living in Delhi NCR you can check out the list of company owned fuel stations right here.


Last but not the least, always try filling your fuel according to the quantity not according to the price

– as majority of the fraud fuel stations have their filling machines set to alter the quantity of fuel if you are filling up for a Rs 100, 200, 500 of petrol and at the same time if you are filling for a litre or 5 litres there are less chances you will get fooled.

We hope the article above provided you with some information that will help you stay alert in future. Also read the earlier version of it – Petrol Pumps and their fraud ways to cheat the customers!

Source: autoportal.com