10 most expensive production motorcycles in the world


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10 most expensive production motorcycles in the world

Snapshot: Here is a countdown of the 10 most expensive handpicked bunch of production motorcycles that stand neck to neck in luxury, sharing exclusivity, performance, desirability and a scorching high price tag with luxury cars..

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What is a luxury automobile? It is a lump of super exotic materials given very desirable form by tasteful handcrafting and cutting edge design, further blended with a deliciously powerful internal combustion engine forming perfect visual and mechanical harmony that yields a multitude of desires. Luxury in automobiles is generally related to cars and then further filtered to the ones that come out of Europe. However, there is a handpicked bunch of motorcycles that stand neck to neck in luxury, sharing exclusivity, performance, desirability and a scorching high price tag with luxury cars. Here is a countdown of the 10 most expensive production motorcycles that the world has seen yet. 

Vyrus 987 C3 4V V: $103,769 – ?64 Lakh

The Vyrus holds down the crown for being the world’s fastest production motorcycle. Made in Italy, this sharp, edgy motorcycle gives a slight peek into a futuristic street bike design. Featuring a Ducati 1198cc engine that is further supercharged to produce a whopping 211bhp. With the weight kept to a minimum at 158kgs, the motorcycle gives out a mind-boggling power-to-weight ratio of 1335bhp/ton. The bespoke steering mechanism features a hub-centre steering with a front swingarm. Designed by AscanioRodorig the Vyrus is the most outlandish motorcycle that is currently in production. 

MV Augusta F4 CC: $120000 – ?73 Lakh

While it may not look any different from the outside in comparison to the regular MV Augusta F4, the CC (named after the CEO of the company Claudio Castiglioni) bring with it a slew of changed and upgraded internal parts. The air intakes, outlets and exhaust system have been made entirely out of titanium. To keep the weight at its lowest, the entire body is made out of carbon fibre whereas the wheels and single-sided swingarm are made out of magnesium.  

With a limited run of just 100 examples, this 1,078cc, 203PS MV Augusta would we are very rare site on the road, rarer that many supercars while also soon become one of the most sought out exotic motorcycles to collect. 

NCR MH TT (Mike Hailwood): $130000 – ?80 Lakh

The NCR MH TT is a tribute to 30 years of Mike Hailwood’s legendary 1984 Ducati 900 on which he fabulously won the Isle of Mann TT after making a return to motorcycle racing. Based on a Ducati Sport 1000, the motorcycle has been heavily modded to keep the weight in check, and the end result being a motorcycle pumping out 132PS with a kerb weight of only 136kgs. The exhaust and frame has been made entirely out of titanium with the frame weighing a mere 5kgs while the rest of the body panels and wheels are made entirely out of carbon fibre.

Confederate B120 Wraith: $135,000 – ?83 Lakh

First American motorcycle that shows up in our countdown, the Confederate B120 Wraith is a bespoke custom made machine. laden with exotic materials like aircraft grade aluminum, titanium and carbon fibre, the wraith features an unique industrial grade design that cannot skip the eye. Completely handbuilt, this motorcycle has drawn attention from all corners of the world. From Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Jordan’s King Abdullah II the motorcycle raises the heartbeats and desires of motoring enthusiasts from around the world. With only 250 examples to be produced worldwide, this crazy looking machine with its serious price tag of Rs 83 Lakh would only be seen parked in the garages of the rich and famous. 

NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium Special: $145,000 – ?89 Lakh

While from a distance it might look like a carbon fibre version of the Ducati Hypermotard, on close inspection it is when the motorcycle reveals its uniqueness. Italian designer NCR has gone to the lengths of entirely throwing away the stock Hypermotard chassis and replacing it with their superlight titanium one that weighs just a few bags of sugar. Overall with carbon fibre titanium replacement in the body and cycle parts the overall weight of the bike is reduced by an astounding 47kgs. With titanium valves, magnesium engine cover and a bored out engine the NCR Leggera 1200 produces a wopping 140Ps of power. 

Icon Sheene: $172,000 – ?1.05 Crore

Turbocharging is quite unheard of on a production motorcycle and here is where Icon motorcycles makes a exception. The Sheene is a tribute to the legendary british racer Barry Sheene, utilizing a 1400cc Suzuki engine, that is further mated with a turbocharger running on 0.4bar of pressure, resulting in an incredible 253bhp of power. Hand-beaten aluminum and hand-laid carbon fibre panels clothe the custom made tubular aluminium frame. The limited run of 52 motocycles are number based on the total number of playing cards in a deck with a bikini clad girl holding the card in one hand painted on the machine. 

MTT Y2K Superbike: $175,000 – ?1.06 Crore

If you think turbocharging a motorcycle is nuts, then welcome to the world of the modern-day Frankenstein machine! Everything is abnormal about this machine, and for a good reason. Ted McIntyre treaded into the unknown with the MTT Y2K when he plonked a Rolls-Royce Model A250 turbo shaft engine from a helicopter in the body of a motorcycle. The resulting motorcycle was an insane street-legal machine capable of melting bumpers of cars while standing still in traffic (later the design of the turbine exhaust had to be altered to save vehicles standing behind from melting down).

The top of the line streetfighter variant pumps out a whopping 426PS of power and torque rated at 678Nm. Defiantly incapable of being a daily driver or as a matter of face even a weekend rider motorcycle, the MTT Y2K stands out for its bonkers approach towards motoring. Built to order, the tested top speed of the motorcycle is recorded at a hypercar equaling 362kmph. Although, the true top speed which is believed to be more than 400kmph is still not tether upon, the manufacturer is still looking around for riders, or shall we say pilots who dare to achieve those speeds. 

NCR MacchiaNera: $225,000 – ?1.37 Crore

By now we have realized two things are Italy. First, Italians are not only fond of making four-wheel exotic performance machines but they also do tend to like a bit of two-wheeled luxury performance. And secondly, they have a much more intimate relation with carbon fibre than their own siblings. The NCR MacchiaNera abides to the same ideology to the core. 

Based on the 998R Testastretta engine from the 2003 world superbike season boasting firepower of 182PS, the MacchiaNera, Italian for ‘black spot’ literally abuses the usage of carbon fibre and titanium, showing profound effects on the overall weight with only 135kgs. The machine also hones the latest and greatest technologies derived straight out of modern MotoGP machines such as Slipper Clutch, Ohlin Suspensions front and rear, an MotoGP exclusive Brembo braking system and magnesium wheels. 

NCR M16: $232,000 – ?1.42 Crore

What could be more exclusive that driving a MotoGP bike itself? Well, that would be an even further tuned version of the Original MotoGP Desmosedici RR machine called the M16. Sounds like a jet fighter? In terms of acceleration it might as well be. Reducing the weight further to 144kgs, the M16 features a carbon fibre frame, swing arms and wheels with ceramic matix composite brakes and specially tuned Ohlins.    

Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX: $300,000 – ?1.82 Crore

For the ones who are looking for the worlds most expensive production motorcycle, look no further. Entirely custom built, the FE Ti XX boasts a massive 2.4-litre billet aluminium engine that produces an impressive 225bhp of power and a gut-wrenching 271Nm of torque. The bike is clad with carbon fibre while the Italian designer marque Berluti has been appointed to make the leather saddle for the machine. To keep things uber-exclusive, Ecosse plans to make only 13 examples of the lavish FE Ti XX ever, so if you were out there with you camera trying to capture a glimpse of the amazing motorcycle, it would be advisable to consider it as a lifetime hobby as most of these machines would seldom see the light of day. 

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