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Honda City Long Term Review – Final Report

Snapshot: Three months is a short time and feels shorter still when you are having fun.

Posted on 12 August 2019, 17:06, by
Ashish Masih

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We can’t believe our three months with the Honda City are over so fast. The car is addictive to say the least, especially the silky smooth and free revving i-Vtec petrol engine that we have been using. Coupled with the brilliant CVT-automatic transmission, it is a phenomenal package and one that offers great ease-of-driving as well.

Most testers in our team noted that the car offers brilliant fuel economy as well. It is a car that consistently delivers over 12kpl in the city, which is good considering its class and segment that it is in. Most testers also loved its relatively low slung ride, which gives you a great feel of the road and also makes you feel very sporty inside the cabin.


The highlight of the package though is the phenomenal i-Vtec motor that simply loves to rev. It’s redline of over 6,500 rpm makes it a delight for anyone who calls himself a keen driver. Our logbook was filled with positive comments about how ‘juicy’ the engine felt and how well it pulled. Testers also noted the phenomenal steering agility and the overall chassis balance. One tester also wrote that, “Honda has taken time out and worked hard on the City. It feels like a well engineered car.”


In my opinion the City is close to perfection. While no car can ever claim to be perfect, the City comes very close indeed. It is good to drive, comfortable to sit in and offers a very composed ride and handling balance. The boot is big too and the ‘City’ badge at the back of the car commands a premium in the market, which really makes it stand out. Being a Honda also means that resale values will be very strong when it is time to resell the car. Also, the i-Vtec engine is known to be superb for reliability with some owners having driven over 100,000km without any issues whatsoever.


What could be improved?

The cabin lights could be brighter. The current set is just too dim and I have left the lamps on by mistake on an occasion or two simply because they weren’t bright enough for me to notice. Secondly, the touch screen for the AC controls is really low set so you have to take your eyes off the road each time you need to change the settings. It is also a finger print magnet. However, I am just nit-picking here, before you accuse me of being a biased journalist, who has been paid by Honda to say only nice things about the car.

Overall, the City is a great all round package and one that truly deserves to be on the shortlist of anyone wanting to buy a midsize sedan. I give a strong buy recommendation and a good score of 90 out of 100.