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Porsche Boxster 718 Expert review

Snapshot: With its classy lines, punchy engine and strong heritage the 718 Boxster is a delightful car to drive.

Posted on 24 August 2019, 22:20, by
Ashish Masih

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The Boxster has been around for well over twenty years. Yet, purists still feel that this relatively ‘cheaper’ Porsche in the range isn’t ‘Porsche’ enough. They argue that unlike the 911, the Boxster is a bit of a compromise. There are others that the cheaper Porsche is more fun to have thanks to the engine being right in the centre and not over the rear axle. Whatever your side, one thing is for sure, Porsche sure has a huge range of cars in its arsenal with the Macan, Cayennne and Panamera making up the remainder of the range.

Anyways, here we are to analyse how good the 718 really is.



The 718 Boxster name is a reference to Porsche’s four-cylinder racing cars from the ‘50s and ‘60s. That racing heritage shows in the design language as well. The car has a sleek profile with typical Porsche DNA in the styling. The bug-eyed face looks cool as does the four-point LED DRLs inside the headlamps. The bumper is sculpted too in order to house the larger air intake than before. At the back, the sleeker lamps look sporty and have a four-point brake light as well. The tail lamps have a dark strip running between them. The car looks visually appealing and with the sunroof down, it is sure to turn many heads. The fabric sunroof takes around 9 seconds to open up and close as well.


There is a strong sense of solidity inside the cabin. The Germans know a thing or two about quality and the 718 doesn’t put a foot wrong. The switches feel very premium and the touch screen is easy to navigate through as well. The seats offer good bolstering for the sides and the black alcantara leather. The highlight of the cabin is the central rev counter. It is something that throws light on the fact that Porsche makes driver-centric cars. However, some of the gauges are digital as well. The sears are very good for comfort and offer excellent cushioning too.

Engine, performance and gearbox

The new version of the car comes with a 2-litre turbo petrol engine that makes 300bhp and 360Nm of torque. There is a strong baritone at the exhaust as well, but it isn’t as sharp as the older engines. Still, you get a seven-speed PDK-dual clutch gearbox to transfer all the power across. The gearbox is a dream. The shifts are effortless, jolt-free and as quick as the way a housefly changes directions. Even if you use the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, even then the shifts take place in a milli-second. They are so quick. The engine also has a very crisp response to throttle inputs. In fact the engine is so responsive, that you will have to be very careful with your right leg. Before you know it you might be doing illegal speeds. Porsche claims a 0-100kph time of 4.9 seconds and it is completely believable in the way this 718 flies.


Ride and handling

The handling is sublime to say the least. The steering offers terrific communications. It isn’t light nor is it too firm so you get the right amount of weight in it. It is very crisp and has a certain air of authority about itself. The handling is brilliant to say the least, with complete feedback from the steering. Push this car hard into a corner and it will reward the enthusiastic driver.


If you are lucky enough to have this kind of cash around, then go ahead and buy it. There isn’t another car that is just as good.   


Source: autoportal.com