Hero Xtreme 1.R Concept Unveiled At EICMA 2019, Check Out


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  • Hero Xtreme 1.R Concept Unveiled At EICMA 2019, Check Out

Hero Xtreme 1.R Concept Unveiled At EICMA 2019, Check Out

Snapshot: Hero MotorCorp unveiled the Hero 1.R Concept at EICMA 2019, Milan, which shows the direction Hero intends to take going forward.

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  • Hero Xtreme 1.R Concept displayed at EICMA, Milan.

  • Xtreme 1.R is a concept that shows the next step for Hero.

  • It is based on the ‘X’ platform that has given birth to the Xtreme 200R and XPulse variants.

  • No timeline for production revealed.

Hero has unveiled the Xtreme 1.R Concept at EICMA, Milan. This is a street bike concept that shows the next step for Hero MotoCorp. 

The Xtreme 1.R looks stunning, as a concept usually does, but there are a few interesting details of note. It isn’t a completely new platform; it is based on the X platform that spawned the Xtreme 200R, Xtreme 200S, XPulse 200T and XPulse 200. However, it has sharp, angular styling that Hero says is inspired by ‘the precision of an arrow’.

It has an LED headlamp with a bikini fairing and an integrated action camera. The tank is large and muscular, the tail is high, pointy and truncated, which concentrates the visual mass in the areas that matter. Suspension on the Xtreme 1.R consists of upside-down front forks, and the single brake disc on it is a large petal disc gripped by a radially mounted fixed caliper.

The exhaust seems like a bit of an afterthought, though, with its cylindrical format and tip that isn’t slash cut. On this day where even production 150 or 160 cc motorcycles manage to convey visual mass with well designed meaty mufflers or heat shields, Hero missed a trick. The rear wheel has a disc cover that hides the spokes, giving the Xtreme 1.R a look quite like a time trial bicycle. 

The engine doesn’t look much changed from the 200 cc unit available on the current 200 cc Hero models, but the Xtreme 1.R did have an oil cooler. So we can expect it to put out at least as much power as the Karizma before it was discontinued. Hero also claims that the concept weighs less than 140kg. 

While there are no comments from the manufacturer whether the Xtreme 1.R will go into production, it usually has taken the manufacturer between one and two years to put any concept into production. The Indian public will no doubt get a closer look at this concept at the Auto Expo 2020 in February. 

Source: autoportal.com